Move On…


Sometimes it’s hard

To forget those moments in life

Which made you feel sad and angry

Or left you with some negative emotion

But it’s better to move on

And live your life, live your dreams

And turn them into reality

Don’t live with your negative thoughts

Don’t live in your past

Try to move on

And make sweet memories

Most importantly think about your present

Because today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday

Have no regrets in life

And even if you do

Just think that there is a reason behind everything in life

So, move on


You only live once (YOLO) :’)

Don’t waste your present by thinking about your past

Because you might miss some beautiful moments of life

Don’t think what others say

Don’t be conscious

Be it about your  physical appearence, decisions, or your marks

Don’t feel bad if you get less marks

Because there is no report card that says about the real you

It doesn’t judge your potential

Knowledge is what I feel is more essential

So ,move on


Be positive

See the brighter side of any  situation

Which you are stuck in

And move on

Because we all are born

In this world, for a reason

But it is upto you

Whether you want to move on

Or just live with those negative thoughts!


Q&A – Please Help Me In This!!


Well, recently I’ve stumbled across many blogs and I saw one thing in common in most of the blogs ‘Q&A’ , so I have decided to do it again ( actually I deleted it because I wanted to get good grades for my exams), I’m doing this so that you all know me better and what ever you ask I’ll try the best way to answer it (Yep, I’ll do justice to your question).

All you have to do is ask me question(s) in the comment section and I’ll reply them in the next post, which I’ll post after a few days.

Please, do help me! 😉 🙂 , I’ll really appreciate your help :’)

What if I became invincible!?#inmydreams


Before starting this, I just want to say I won’t post much after 24th March 2016 as I’m moving to a new place (due to packing and stuff so ,internet won’t be available after 24th)…umm, the reason is; check my post ‘Moving…again’ you’ll get your answer.But I’ll try my best to post a lot…I don’t know how! Maybe from some cyber cafe or at some shopping mall where Wi-Fi is available but I’ll be posting every alternate day, when I’ll settle in that new place. 🙂

Okay so coming to the point, the word ‘invincible’ means too powerful to be defeated or overcome. If I became Invincible, trust me it will be a big miracle. I can even faint and pinch myself to check whether I am not dreaming or something. I’ll also be famous, people asking me for autograph. So yes, life will be all set. But I have to be hardworking…

But I think it will be kind of awesome, gaining victory over everything which I do. It will be a cool thing that people won’t be able to defeat me on any task as I am the master of that task. I’ll feel over the moon and think that I’m the best! That’s a different part that some people might get jealous. Well, but I guess after some point in my life I’ll feel bored as I am invincible. I won’t have any competition and eventually I’ll get bored in my life! I mean competitions are necessary… right? And we all know human nature; we can never be satisfied ,we always want more!! Most of the people might think that I’m the kind of person who has a lot of attitude and with too much of pride…and my reaction will be, “HELLOOOO!! I earned that place!!?” *just kidding* but too much of attitude is not cool but anyway some might think that I’m some sort of legend which is what I dream of. You know what? I don’t want to be permanently invincible! I mean you can’t be no. 1 all the time. I want someone to beat me and prove that I’m not invincible  after all, we all are human beings and not God!





Friendship is like a circle with no end

It is a bond which nobody can break

And those who break this bond,

Don’t deserve it as well as have no respect for it…


Friends share everything with each other,

They even do crazy stuff together

I really miss my old buddies

When we used to have fun together,

And sometimes I wish they could be with me forever

We all tell our best stories to our friends

But some friends might have lived them with us!


I still remember those times

When my best friend and I used to do all those crazy stuff

Like playing pranks and doing mimicry of others  (I don’t recommend it to anyone 😛 We were crazy)

Those moments are still special for me

When we used to hangout with each other

And even those silly fights which we had

That still brings smile on my face


I just want to say,

Never leave your fiends no matter what!

Accept them, just the way they are

Cos nobody’s perfect!!

But together we make each other perfect!!!



Guys please give me some ideas for my next post in the comment section. It would be a great help!

Why do we have a leap day?

Why do we have a leap day?

Okay, so as a kid I always had this doubt regarding 29th February(the leap day) which comes once in 4 years and today, is the leap day! This means today we all have extra 24 hours 🙂 . Coming to the point, we all know that earth takes 365 days and 6 hours to complete a revolution around the sun. Not many of you know that where are those 6 hours counted? Well these 6 hours are counted after 4 years which eventually makes it 24 hours (6 hours X 4 years). You must be thinking why I am giving so much importance and getting so excited about these extra 24 hours. It’s because if this day will not be counted, that is 29th February , there might be problems in the future years calendar. There would be lot of confusions regarding seasons, as they would occur later by not counting this leap day!!  Imagine many activities won’t be able to take place without knowing which season it is?!! Farmers can also suffer without leap day, even those who are athletes or players. More over even students, they won’t have the idea of which season will occur in which month… basically, we all will suffer without a leap day.


🙂 🙂



Do you know who invented this so called ‘examinations’? This man is the reason behind every child’s fear, but for some it might be a way to prove themselves. He is Henry Fischel(or Henry Mischel) well when I searched on the internet I got different surnames of Henry with different spellings… so basically, people are themselves confused about the name. I saw the name first on Whatsaap and then I searched about him and I got so many results. So, whoever has invented exams is the reason behind all these tensions, nervousness behind every student and parents , sometimes even teachers, but in a way he has also done something good for us. There are always two sides of a coin. ‘Examinations’ main motive is to see if the students have understood the concept, taught by the teacher. It depends on how we handle the pressure of exams. So I think instead of blaming this man we should pull up our socks and look at the positive side, by working hard to achieve it. Complaining won’t help at all, but your action will. Learn to tackle pressure exams are just to test your knowledge and to get good grades , work hard , but be successful in your real exam of life…

Sorry Guys!!


I apologize to all my followers and others who view my blog , for not posting anything on my blog for so many days!!! My computer had some problem and I had my Pre-Boards…so, I have decided that I’ll definitely post something new,every week.

Again… Sorry, 😦

My Hair

My Hair

My hair is dark brown and curly

With it I can never reach early

Half the I have to comb my hair

Sometimes it is like a nightmare

In the morning it is like a bird’s nest

How to comb is like a big quest

People say stuff like,

“Why don’t you straighten it?”

Or “Don’t you brush your hair properly?”

For those people I want to say

That it is not easy

But some people think it’s great!!

Though it gives me pain

But when somebody insults my hair

It is seriously NOT FAIR!!

But I take it sportingly with a smile

Thinking that people don’t get my style…






Starting a blog…


Whenever you do something which is cool in your opinion ,like starting a blog , the first thing you do is you tell every person you know in this planet and that too with lot of pride and obviously you kind of exaggerate the whole thing. Then, all of a sudden it comes to your mind that you didn’t write any poems, articles till now and obviously you don’t want people to see an empty blog with no stories, no poems and no articles! So in this situation you start thinking and after a lot of time and throwing lots of paper here and there with creating a big mess, you finally come up with something. Now that you have something in your hand, you are suppose to  type the whole content, if it is short you are pretty lucky but if it is an article or a big story then be prepared to type the whole content.

After typing and publishing you are desperate for likes, comments and eventually you will check your notification every now and then.Obviously, you will publicize your blog and still you’ll not get much views but if you are a lucky person you might get many views. People think writing a blog is no big deal it is just so easy. Some bloggers get disappointed maybe because of less views or likes. Well, for them I just want to convey that not everyone’s blog can be famous in one day. I mean it can take years sometimes so, be patient and don’t make a blog just for likes and stuff, I mean make it for your satisfaction. Some day, people will appreciate your blog if you keep writing new stuff or posting new things, if you are talented and hardworking people will see your work and appreciate it. Even I started my blog recently and I give my 100% towards it. I never feel so bad if i don’t get any views in fact I keep writing, I never stop my work. Patience, handwork, positive attitude is all you need to start a blog!!!



Colours in our life!

Colours in our life!


Happiness by the family or a friend

Is precious…

Our moods and feelings are like colours

When somebody ignores you,

When people hurt you

You feel blue,

When somebody shouts at you

You get red

But the ones around you

Are your family members

Who encourage you

When you feel blue…

When you smile

Your face glows

Your cheeks bloom like a red rose

When your cheeks are pink

People think you are healthy

Or maybe they think you are blushing

Can you imagine a world

With no colours ?

It will be like a black and white movie!

Though black and white are colours

Colours are important in our lives

Even if they are black and white

All the colours make our world bright…