Colours in our life!

Colours in our life!


Happiness by the family or a friend

Is precious…

Our moods and feelings are like colours

When somebody ignores you,

When people hurt you

You feel blue,

When somebody shouts at you

You get red

But the ones around you

Are your family members

Who encourage you

When you feel blue…

When you smile

Your face glows

Your cheeks bloom like a red rose

When your cheeks are pink

People think you are healthy

Or maybe they think you are blushing

Can you imagine a world

With no colours ?

It will be like a black and white movie!

Though black and white are colours

Colours are important in our lives

Even if they are black and white

All the colours make our world bright…


About Anisha Khattri

I'm just a school girl studying in class IX. As a kid I used to write poems even if it sounded crazy. I never thought of making a blog until somebody suggested me. There's nothing much to know about me....

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