Do you know who invented this so called ‘examinations’? This man is the reason behind every child’s fear, but for some it might be a way to prove themselves. He is Henry Fischel(or Henry Mischel) well when I searched on the internet I got different surnames of Henry with different spellings… so basically, people are themselves confused about the name. I saw the name first on Whatsaap and then I searched about him and I got so many results. So, whoever has invented exams is the reason behind all these tensions, nervousness behind every student and parents , sometimes even teachers, but in a way he has also done something good for us. There are always two sides of a coin. ‘Examinations’ main motive is to see if the students have understood the concept, taught by the teacher. It depends on how we handle the pressure of exams. So I think instead of blaming this man we should pull up our socks and look at the positive side, by working hard to achieve it. Complaining won’t help at all, but your action will. Learn to tackle pressure exams are just to test your knowledge and to get good grades , work hard , but be successful in your real exam of life…


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