Move On…


Sometimes it’s hard

To forget those moments in life

Which made you feel sad and angry

Or left you with some negative emotion

But it’s better to move on

And live your life, live your dreams

And turn them into reality

Don’t live with your negative thoughts

Don’t live in your past

Try to move on

And make sweet memories

Most importantly think about your present

Because today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday

Have no regrets in life

And even if you do

Just think that there is a reason behind everything in life

So, move on


You only live once (YOLO) :’)

Don’t waste your present by thinking about your past

Because you might miss some beautiful moments of life

Don’t think what others say

Don’t be conscious

Be it about your  physical appearence, decisions, or your marks

Don’t feel bad if you get less marks

Because there is no report card that says about the real you

It doesn’t judge your potential

Knowledge is what I feel is more essential

So ,move on


Be positive

See the brighter side of any  situation

Which you are stuck in

And move on

Because we all are born

In this world, for a reason

But it is upto you

Whether you want to move on

Or just live with those negative thoughts!



About Anisha Khattri

I'm just a school girl studying in class IX. As a kid I used to write poems even if it sounded crazy. I never thought of making a blog until somebody suggested me. There's nothing much to know about me....

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