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Why do we have a leap day?

Why do we have a leap day?

Okay, so as a kid I always had this doubt regarding 29th February(the leap day) which comes once in 4 years and today, is the leap day! This means today we all have extra 24 hours ๐Ÿ™‚ . Coming to the point, we all know that earth takes 365 days and 6 hours to complete a revolution around the sun. Not many of you know that where are those 6 hours counted? Well these 6 hours are counted after 4 years which eventually makes it 24 hours (6 hours X 4 years). You must be thinking why I am giving so much importance and getting so excited about these extra 24 hours. It’s because if this day will not be counted, that is 29th February , there might be problems in the future years calendar. There would be lot of confusions regarding seasons, as they would occur later by not counting this leap day!! ย Imagine many activities won’t be able to take place without knowing which season it is?!! Farmers can also suffer without leap day, even those who are athletes or players. More over even students, they won’t have the idea of which season will occur in which month… basically, we all will suffer without a leap day.


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