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Friendship is like a circle with no end

It is a bond which nobody can break

And those who break this bond,

Don’t deserve it as well as have no respect for it…


Friends share everything with each other,

They even do crazy stuff together

I really miss my old buddies

When we used to have fun together,

And sometimes I wish they could be with me forever

We all tell our best stories to our friends

But some friends might have lived them with us!


I still remember those times

When my best friend and I used to do all those crazy stuff

Like playing pranks and doing mimicry of others  (I don’t recommend it to anyone 😛 We were crazy)

Those moments are still special for me

When we used to hangout with each other

And even those silly fights which we had

That still brings smile on my face


I just want to say,

Never leave your fiends no matter what!

Accept them, just the way they are

Cos nobody’s perfect!!

But together we make each other perfect!!!



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