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War, what is it good for?

Blood shed? The propaganda?

War is bad

And this is sad

Nobody is glad,

Except the terrorists who destroy families

The bomb blasts, the cause of people losing their families

Why this war?

What is it good for?

So let’s stop it

Me and you

Everybody is blue

And that is true

After war the condition is worse

The terrorists are the ones to be cursed

Horrible conditions everywhere

But some people don’t seem to care

And war is hence, totally unfair…






When I see the night sky,

There is something strange,

With those diamonds which i see,

“Why do they twinkle and then disappear in the morning?”

I asked my mother about it

She said, “Stars twinkle to give us hope.”

So, whenever my eyes are full of tears,

I know somebody’s there for me,

I just look out of my window and see,

The stars give me hope

That everything will be alright

And that my future is bright

As a kid I thought many strange things about a star

I thought I can capture it in a jar

I used to wonder,

A moon slowly disappears,

But the stars are the ones that always appears

The cluster of stars,

Are like our ancestors giving a message to the future

When they twinkle,

I feel they give us a warning

That life is not a bed of roses

And everybody has to work hard,

The brightness indicates that every situation has a brighter side

By seeing our ancestors in the sky,

So let’s not forget our roots

There is always someone to guide

Hence, stars are like our guiding lights…

Journey Of Life…

Journey Of Life…

A journey of thousand miles begins with one step and with each step you learn something new. Sometimes you might fail, but try to learn from your mistakes. Failures are all part of life in your journey to success. Many obstacles will come in your way but don’t give up easily. In fact, face it who knows you might be the winner. There might be some complications during your journey but it all depends on your attitude and your way of tackling the situation, depends on your way of thinking. Always think positive which would be helpful for handling a difficult situation. In this journey of life one should be careful. Sometimes your journey won’t go as you want but different things which you think will be a disaster can turn into something good.
Never think it is the end of the world. I’ve seen many people losing hope when they fail. But there is one person whom I think did not lose hope even after experimenting thousands of different filaments to find the right material for the bulb to glow properly. After a lot of trial and error he finally discovered the carbon filament. Do you know who this man was? He was none other than Thomas Alva Edison, who invented the bulb. He didn’t feel that he wasted his time by trying these thousand materials for the filament. In fact he felt that he learned something new that those thousand materials can’t glow. He took this in a positive way and continued his journey of life. Even today people respect him and remember him.
If you are honest, hardworking, determined and positive then you are surely in the right path. But remember, never forget who you are, never forget your roots. Never change yourself for others; if people want you to change then they should first change their narrow mindsets. In this journey you will find many roads but it all depends what the situation is. Sometimes you take the wrong road which may lead you to teach a lesson. So, in order to avoid that, be with positive people because these people will give you advice which consists of moral values and positivity. They will make you happy with their positive vibes. Never be with negative people because all they do is make you feel sad and negative.
Sometimes you may have this hesitation to try new things. Maybe because you are afraid that people will laugh at you. Well, if they do be  happy that you are making someone’s day by giving them something which even money can’t buy- happiness. People may laugh at you but be confident, determined and bold .Some day they will applaud you. Don’t be sad when they laugh because these people make you practice even more so that you prove them someday. But remember before you prove others; prove yourself that you are capable. Always remember one thing, don’t aim for success in life, do what you love because no task is big or small and success will come naturally. Be a person of moral values.

My Brother

My Brother

In reality he is a nerd
And always pretends that he is a free bird
His handwriting is untidy
This can be only read by ‘the almighty’
He is still a kid within
With a big genuine grin
He pulls my hair
And that’s not fair!
Sometimes irritates me
And calls my hair a bush of tree
Always conscious over his looks
And wants to be in every girl’s good books
He is really tall
This is admired by all
He is a big foodie
And sometimes he gets a bit moody
At the end of the day he is my brother
And we love each other.



After two years everything seems normal
Then all of a sudden my father gets a transfer
So, time to say goodbye to the old memories
And be ready to make new stories
Time to say bye to my classmates and teachers
Time to pack personal stuff and tell all to stay in touch
Complete the packing before deadline
According to my mother it’s getting late and there’s no time
Throwing a farewell party is getting delay
Months are passing by…I hope it is not May!
This is the story of my life in every two years
As my dad is in the military
After two to four years, we make a new story
Hectic time for my mother
As she has to pack each and everything
Cribbing time for my brother
As he has to complain about the new place
Emotional time for myself
As every minute I wonder what all problems I will face
While moving…again!
Making new friends…again!
Liking the new school…again!
Living in a transit…again!
And yet we are moving…again!
Half the time we all pack stuff
Packing each and everything is a must
Throwing unnecessary items is again a must
It is truly a big headache
As it’s confusing and surely not a piece of cake
As a kid I used to wonder
Why do we pack everything…again!
And then unpack everything…again!
And travel in airplane…again!
Then we say goodbye…again!
This was a big confusion at that time
But I understood, when my mom explained
And every time a transfer came I complained
After settling in the new place
There are no more problems to face
When everything seems normal
My dad approaches me with a smile
And I say nothing because I know what’s coming
With a lot of anger and pain
I ask are we moving again!